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dateApril 23, 2023
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Why Use An Interim Management Provider

Sometimes life comes at you fast. One minute your care business is going great, and the next your long-term registered manager is signed off sick for 3 months. Or maybe your CQC inspection didn’t go to plan. 

Either way, you’re left scrambling to find someone suitable at short notice – but making a hasty decision now could impact the long-term success of your company.

That’s where an interim management provider comes in. They’re for the moments when you’re pushed for time, when you need a quick injection of expertise to address a specific issue or when you don’t want to make do with the best of a bunch of unsuitable candidates.

When your time, money and reputation are on the line, don’t take any chances. As part of our national network, highly-skilled interims are available to start work at short notice. In a high-pressure situation, they provide a stress-free path to give you the space to find your perfect permanent registered manager. 

Or, if it’s expertise you’re after, we can find the right person with the right know-how to turn your business around ahead of your next CQC inspection.

What do interim managers do?

An interim manager is a short-term hire who comes into your business to plug a gap. They’re trained to make a big impact in a short amount of time. Here’s how:

  1. They offer a fresh pair of eyes that can help to identify and eliminate pain points that are difficult to see from the inside.
  2. You can find someone with exactly the skills you need at that moment.
  3. They’re neutral, independent, and impartial. Sometimes that’s just what you need if you know you’ll have to make an unpopular decision. 
  4. They’re focused on the task at hand, but if they think they can help you in other areas, they’ll speak up.

The bottom line

In the care sector, budgets are being squeezed like never before. Everyone is struggling with recruitment challenges and the skills shortage. When it comes down to it, interim managers provide a great return on investment. 

Not only can they teach your team new skills and knowledge that can help address future challenges, interims are far more accessible than trying to stretch your budget to hire someone you know is an expert in their field but you can’t realistically afford to keep full time.

They only charge the hours they work, and you don’t have to pay National Insurance, employee tax, holiday pay or towards their pension. That means more money in the pot to spend on delivering great care to your clients.

Why Kata Care Solutions?

Our philosophy is not just to match the right interims to the right roles, but to empower our clients to learn best practices to help them succeed in the future.

It’s not just a quick solution to a staffing headache, it’s an opportunity to learn from an expert, inspire your team, and make changes that will benefit every aspect of your business.

We vet our managers to make sure you’re getting the best possible talent with the right qualifications. And we take care of admin tasks like checking references and work history so you don’t have to.

If you need an interim management provider quickly, get in touch. We guarantee you’ll have the right person with you this time next week, and can even place people in as little as 48 hours.