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dateSeptember 4, 2023
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Turnaround care – management solutions for challenging times

We’ve all been there: life happens, things go wrong, people leave. If you find your business in some turbulent waters, we can provide managers, directors, CEOs or consultants with the right skills to get you back on track. 

Read on to learn more about turnaround management and how we can provide management solutions when you need it most. 

The role of a turnaround care manager 

What exactly is a turnaround care manager? We define the role as a specialist advisor or consultant who steps in when there is an urgent hole to fill. This can be for a variety of reasons, including lack of management, financial distress or the threat of closure. Turnaround managers step in to address these issues and provide the support to improve financial and operational performance. They can also identify any areas for growth and put steps in place to implement positive change within the organisation. 

The benefits of temporary support 

The key to any business’ success is having the right team in place to properly assess all relevant information, circumstances and risks. But when you’re on the brink of a crisis, it can be difficult to devote the time and energy to finding the right person. Yet timing is crucial. 

Our turnaround management service is a fast and convenient solution,  giving you immediate access to the right support so that you can navigate challenging times with confidence. Whether you need managers, directors, CEOs or consultants with the right skills, our turnaround and crisis management can help get you back on track.

Working with a turnaround care manager

Turnaround management is flexible and depends on your organisation’s needs. For example, we are happy to provide a consultant for a couple of days a week or a whole team for as long as you need them. Our team will match you with an expert based on your unique needs who will then provide full reviews of your service. They will also help you develop, prepare, and implement structured turnaround plans in place to help you succeed. Together, we’ll assess your key concerns and develop both short and long-term plans to ensure your business operations are smooth and consistent once again. 

Getting back on track for success 

We know that crisis management in the care sector is a stressful and challenging time. When resources are limited and staff is stretched thin, the pressure to quickly develop and deploy an effective plan of action may be too much. 

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. Our team has experience working with care homes that have been left without management, faced safeguarding cases, or received poor CQC inspection ratings. Our specialism in this area has enabled us to step in and get the business back on track for success. And we can do the same for you too. 

Get in touch

Things don’t always go according to plan. If you need some help getting back on track, our turnaround care managers are here for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch here or give us a call on 01704 808 164. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or provide more information on how we can work together.